Shargodon is a Water/Dark-type Fakemon that appears in the fan game Pokémon Obsidian by Atomic Reactor.

It evolves from the Pokémon Sharpedo when exposed to an Astral Stone, and is the final evolution of the Pokémon Carvanha.

Dex Entry Edit

Shargodon are the king of the sea. Not many are found because they live at the bottom of the ocean but legend says seeing one will grant good fortune.

Learnset Edit

By Level Up Edit

Lv. Move Type
Start Leer Normal
Start Bite Dark
Start Rage Normal
Start Focus Energy Normal
7 Rage Normal
13 Focus Energy Normal
16 Scary Face Normal
22 Crunch Dark
28 Screech Normal
33 Slash Normal
38 Taunt Dark
43 Swagger Normal
48 Skull Bash Normal
53 Agility Psychic
58 Thunder Fang Electric
58 Fire Fang Fire
59 Poison Fang Poison
65 Brine Water