Pokémon Topaz is a Pokémon Ruby-based ROM hack created by Bazza. In it, the player takes the role of a newly recruited Team Rocket member, with the goal of capturing Pokémon for said team in the Topaz Region. Soon after starting out, the player saves Giovanni from a police Boptino, which leads to Giovanni giving the player a starter Pokémon.

Fakemon List Edit

In Pokémon Topaz, all 202 Pokémon in the Hoenn Dex have been replaced with Fakemon. They are listed here:

Dex No. Name Type
001 Poloon -
002 Treeter -
003 Venaweed -
004 Mutton Fire
005 Draefus Fire
006 Armourwoof Fire/Steel
007 Tarkor -
008 Tekeel -
009 Muskrab -
010 Boptino Steel/Dark
011 Rhibre Steel/Dark
012 Komecko Normal
013 Geckasaur Normal
014 Crawnly Bug
015 Burbug Bug
016 Buxoth Bug/Flying
017 Boatag Bug
018 Moxoth Bug/Poison