Quartz Title

Pokémon Quartz is a Pokémon Ruby-based ROM hack created by Baro Boar. In it, the player takes the role of a young Trainer, who, along with Professor Baro, has just moved to the Corna Region from Kanto.

Though not all Fakemon are obtainable in Pokémon Quartz, the game is able to communicate and trade with Pokémon Marble, which contains the Fakemon missing from Pokémon Quartz; this allows players of both games to complete the Pokédex.

Fakemon List Edit

In Pokémon Quartz, all 386 Pokémon in the National Dex have been replaced with new Fakemon.

They are listed here:

Dex No. Name Type
001 Chapebaya
002 Denpecha
003 Denfrota
004 Coalchu
005 Rallama
006 Roellama
007 Todad
008 Shroad
009 Bultoad
329 Rubygon
348 Mongostre
355 Guiñette
377 Molebas
378 Dugobas
379 Lapibas
380 Ordkip
381 Tanord
382 Kaomare
383 Kaosune
384 Peezgal
385 Karendi
386 Garotao