Obsidian Title

Pokémon Obsidian is a fan game created in RPG Maker XP by Atomic Reactor. In it, the player, along with his or her father and Phil (an old friend of the player's father), are asked by Professor Tamarack to explore the ruins of 4 ancient towers in the Evoran Region. As they do so, they come across Luken and his men, who are also researching these ruins for their own purposes.

This game introduces various features that are not present in the core series games, such as a museum where the player can donate Bug- and Water-type Pokémon, a new fishing system, and the possibility for Pokémon to die when they faint in battle.

Fakemon List Edit

In Pokémon Obsidian, there are 17 new Fakemon. They are listed here:

Dex No. Name Type
001 Kokori Grass
002 Kokipound Grass/Fighting
003 Kokismash Grass/Fighting
004 Chargo Fire
005 Burngoa Fire
006 Infergoa Fire/Psychic
007 Darpole Water
008 Dartoad Water
009 Shadatoad Water
212 Paradactyl Normal/Flying
228 Bivacle Water/Rock
229 Cuttacle Water/Rock
234 Canchill Ice
235 Canfrost Ice
236 Tunbrawl Ice/Fighting
263 Shargodon Water/Dark
??? Lukagon Fairy/Dragon