Pokemon - Fire Red Version (USA)

Pokémon ChaosBlack is a Pokémon FireRed-based ROM hack created by Mewthree Inc. In it, the player goes on an adventure through the Kanto Region similar to the one in Pokémon FireRed, though with some considerable changes to various of the region's areas.

Fakemon List Edit

In Pokémon ChaosBlack, 31 of the Pokémon in the Kanto Dex have been replaced with Fakemon. They are listed here:

Dex No. Name Type
001 Magid Grass/Electric
002 Voltiine Grass/Electric
003 Magrung Grass/Electric
004 Flaon Fire
005 Manleon Fire
006 Furyon Fire/Rock
007 Bliqu Water
008 Gequi Water
009 Aquri Water/Steel
010 Tase Normal/Bug
011 Podcoon Bug
016 Shizard Normal/Poison
017 Shicoon Steel/Poison
022 Minite Normal/Flying
086 Abel Water
087 Yethrall Water/Ice
088 Saslash Poison
089 Esplime Poison
090 Declime Water
091 Graag Water/Ice
113 Watsafuks Normal
114 Fucksaglix Grass
124 Ragraw Ice/Psychic
142 Seleli -
145 Armoreen Electric/Flying
146 Mewthree Fire/Flying
147 Furegul Dragon
148 Metagul Dragon
149 Ultagel Dragon/Flying
150 Mewtrance Psychic
151 Mewthree X Psychic