Kokori is a Grass-type Fakemon that appears in the fan game Pokémon Obsidian by Atomic Reactor. It is one of the three starter Fakemon available at the start of the game, the others being Chargo and Darpole.

It evolves into Kokipound starting at level 16, which evolves into Kokismash starting at level 35.

Dex Entry Edit

Kokori can often be seen hanging from palm trees. If it sees someone with a friendly presence, they'll drop on top of them in hopes of becoming pals.

Learnset Edit

By Level Up Edit

Lv. Move Type
Start Tackle Normal
4 Growl Normal
5 Absorb Grass
10 Growth Normal
15 Sand Attack Ground
19 Rollout Normal
20 Razor Leaf Grass
25 Sweet Scent Normal
32 Magical Leaf Grass
39 Synthesis Grass
46 Solar Beam Grass

Egg Moves Edit

Move Type
Light Screen Psychic
Skull Bash Normal
Safeguard Normal
Charm Fairy
Petal Dance Grass
Magical Leaf Grass
Grass Whistle Grass
Curse Ghost