Welcome to the Fakemon ReportEdit

Fakemon is a term commonly used to refer to fan-made Pokémon. They can be found in almost any Pokémon community, as many fans enjoy creating their own Pokémon. Many are shared on art sties, and others are featured in ROM hacks. This wiki's purpose is to catalog as many of these fan creations as possible, for anyone to find and discover Fakemon and creators.

Fakemon Index Edit

This section keeps track of the total amount of unique Fakemon recorded in this wiki, organizing them by source.

ROM Hacks Edit

These are Fakemon that were introduced in Pokémon ROM hacks.

Creator Work(s) Unique Fakemon
Baro Boar Pokémon Quartz, Pokémon Marble 386
Bazza Pokémon Topaz 202
Goce Pokémon Ambar 31
Mewthree Inc. Pokémon ChaosBlack 31
Subtotal 650

Fan Games Edit

These are Fakemon that were introduced in Pokémon fan games.

Creator Work(s) Unique Fakemon
Twitch, JV Pokémon Uranium 166
Atomic Reactor Pokémon Obsidian 17
Subtotal 183

On-line Art Galleries Edit

These are Fakemon created by artists showcased in their personal galleries. Note that some of these galleries are works in progress, so the actual amount of Fakemon created so far by each artist may be smaller that the amounts listed here, which are each artist's planned Fakemon.

Creator Work(s) Unique Fakemon
LuisBrain Tekioh Region, Zenev Region 235
zerudez Orohn Region, Havai Region 218
HourglassHero Dhiome Region 150
Smiley-Fakemon Orugoh Region 190
BradSimonian Floweria Region, Zinthia Region,

Nercia Region, Fornawa Region

Subotal 943

Result Edit

Total Fakemon Cataloged Here 1776